Thursday, March 13, 2008

Welcome to RN Stress Solutions!

Welcome all nurses! All are welcome who have a genuine interest in finding solutions to the stress in our lives!

Has Stress Ever Made You Speechless?

As you know, nursing (and health care in general) is a very stressful profession. You have probably complained about the stress related to your job on many occasions. I know I have. In fact, it has often left me speechless around family and friends because it's too much to discuss with just anyone. That's where this blog comes in. However, the purpose of this forum is not just to discuss the gory details of my work day. In fact, efforts will be made to avoid that. Instead, the goal here is to offer the solutions I use in my life to fight back against the work and life stresses that we are all under.

Stress Ain't Goin' Away

Stress comes in many forms...occupational, physical, spiritual, emotional and mental to name a few. Therefore, this blog will contain many different types of solutions to combat stress. This will be an informal discussion on "my stress lessons" if you will.

Stress in inevitable. This blog is sort of going to be my back up plan for the stress in my life. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to share this blog with my fellow nurses and help you cope better with your stress too!

Question: What are some of the things you do as your "back up plan for stress"? To Answer, simply leave your answer as a "comment". Simply hit "Comments" at the bottom of my blog post and type away!

Wishing you good health,
Theresa Waller, RN
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Roxanne said...

Great information, Theresa. Keep it coming.